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Instructions on Referring Tabs & Chords

Guitar Tab:

  • Refer staff notation to understand the timing for the respective song.
  • If you are not familiar with the staff notation, it is highly recommended to refer the audio / video tab to understand the timing for the respective song

Guitar Chord:

  • Make sure you know to play all the chord shapes mentioned.
  • Initially play the chords with all down strokes and get the shifting between the chords clean.
  • Refer the audio / video tab to gain more understanding on the chord shape or position.


  • Play the Fast Tempo (tentatively matches the original tempo) under the Audio tab to understand the overall feel & progression of the respective song.
  • Play the Slow Tempo (Breakdown Version of the Fast Tempo) under the Audio Tab to understand the timing towards the Intro, Verse, Chorus & Bridge of the respective song.
  • First practice the song with the Slow Tempo. Once you are comfortable playing all the parts of the song, slowly increase the tempo and reach to the target tempo (Fast Tempo)


  • It is the video version of the song. If you don’t find video tab of the song you want to learn, then it is in the process of production. It will be soon available!
  • Referring video tab will help you gain knowledge of finger placement, chord shapes & their position.

PS: You can download / print guitar tabs & chords in pdf format for the respective song from the options available on the viewer for future reference.